Goal alignment ‘connects the dots’

Goal alignment ‘connects the dots’

Goal alignment is critical to successfully achieving our UF&Shands Forward Together strategic quality goals. Alignment ensures that every person within the organization has a “line of sight” to the direction in which the organization is trying to go and knows how his or her job contributes to overall mission.

The term “alignment” refers to the consistency of actions that is needed to support organization-wide achievement. Alignment is the compass that provides purpose, focus of goals and direction. Our priority is to always “put the patient first.” Our goal is to provide “patient-centered care” and every physician and staff member contributes. Effective alignment ensures a common understanding of purpose and goals.

Performance scorecards are a highly effective way to cascade organizational objectives and goals throughout the organization, and also to track progress. Some of the scorecards we’re using include:

  • UF&Shands scorecard
  • Medical staff department scorecards
  • SUF Pediatrics scorecard
  • Transplant scorecards

Goal alignment, represented in this diagram, is key to quality and patient safety improvement. Alignment between goals, efforts and incentives around clinical outcomes will ensure that the focus on our patients is a priority at all levels of the organization.