I Promise Badge

“I promise to provide fair, equitable, efficient and quality care to the patients that I serve.”

—  Sara S. Plager, M.Ed., CCC
Chief of Speech Language Pathology,Public Health and Health Professions

No matter what role you play, everyone within UF&Shands can help improve a patient’s experience, even in a small way. This is the primary message of the “I Promise” initiative, which aims to inspire people across the UF Health Science Center and Shands HealthCare to think more about their own part in making every patient’s experience the best it can be.

What can you do? Make your own promise and wear an “I Promise” button to show your support.

To  find out how to get a button, get more information about “I Promise” and view videos about patients whose lives have been touched by your colleagues.

What’s your promise?