Quality and safety: It's in all our hands

Quality and safety: It’s in all our hands

By Randy Harmatz, Chief Quality and Safety Officer, UF&Shands

Randy Harmatz

As a newcomer to UF&Shands, I am continually impressed by the commitment of so many to our patients. Each day I see amazing acts of compassion and caring to those who entrust us with their lives. Whether it’s helping patients find their way, assisting a family member with a wheelchair or providing a kind word at just the right time, so many people across UF&Shands go that extra mile to help our patients with even the simplest things.

Of all the things we do as caregivers each day, the one thing we must always remember is that we are a guest in the lives of our patients. Keeping our patients safe is a critical part of how we interact with them and why we decided to set UF&Shands “Big Aims” for quality and patient safety:

Reduce Harm.

Reduce Variation.

Improve the Patient Experience.

As you go through your day, please keep focused on what you can do to help achieve our Big Aims and provide our patients with the positive experience they deserve.