In the Q: Randy Harmatz


It’s good to have the same goals



Randy Harmatz, Chief Quality Officer

Every day, each and every one of us gets up and heads into work thinking, “Today I will try to do my best for my patients.” With that in mind, I want to introduce you to our 2014 UF Health Quality and Patient Safety goals. These goals, based on our Big Aims, measure our ultimate emphasis on patient safety and quality of care. Our goals this year include reducing mortality, reducing complications, improving core measures performance, reducing unplanned readmissions, and improving hospitality and patient satisfaction. For each of these goals, we have developed clear strategies and methods for measuring progress and success that everyone across UF Health can understand, support and engage in. For example, we will be focusing on the early identification and treatment of sepsis hospitalwide as a strategy to reduce mortality for our patients and exploring ways to reduce readmissions from UF Health Shands HomeCare and

UF Health Shands Rehab Hospital. We also have a model for success that includes the baseline, the goal and a “stretch” goal that we aspire to attain.

By working together, we hope to have everybody with their oars in the water pulling together toward a common goal of delivering the best care to our patients.

We want everyone to be thinking: “What can I do to help UF Health achieve its quality goals?”