Celebrating our heroes

By: Randy Harmatz

National Patient Safety Week was March 9-13, and at UF Health we celebrated in a big way. During the course of the week we recognized both teams and individuals who truly embrace our mission of making quality Job No. 1. 

Events included national speakers on patient safety and improving the patient experience, informational sessions about safe practices, a virtual tour of unit-based patient safety and quality initiatives, and much more.

One highlight of the week was the poster session, which showcased more than 80 ongoing projects across UF Health focused on improving some important aspect of patient safety and quality.

The three winning entries are all excellent examples of projects that not only improve care to our patients but also help drive us closer to achieving our goal of receiving five stars from the University HealthSystem Consortium. The entries included: First Place, “Pharmacy Driven Medication Reconciliation: Results of a Four-Month Pilot Program;” Second Place, “COPD Readmission Reduction;” and Third Place, “Interdisciplinary Intervention to Decrease ED Utilization by Sickle Cell Disease Super Utilizers.”

A recognition dinner was also held to honor and thank the more than 30 individuals who stepped up, intervened and prevented potential harm to our patients — our Great Catch Award winners. In addition, five individuals were recognized for their outstanding contributions to patient safety and quality over the past year. Those honorees included: Carolyn Holland, M.D.; Nicole Iovine, M.D.; Amy Rosenberg, Pharm.D.; Eric Rosenberg, M.D.; and William Lee Titsworth, M.D., Ph.D. 

Taking the time to recognize and celebrate the heroes among us is so important to fostering a culture of safety — and something we should do more frequently. So the next time you see a coworker stepping up for patient safety, be sure to say thank you.