What our patients think

Patient experience survey guides improvements

Patient feedback is invaluable. It’s one way we measure results, learn what we’re doing right and learn how we can improve. That’s why we survey a large portion of our patient population about their overall experience at UF Health Shands facilities. Nearly 75 percent of discharged hospital patients receive a written questionnaire to fill out. In 2014, we received 5,672 responses to our patient experience survey. Results are shared anonymously with our Patient Experience team, part of the UF Health Sebastian Ferrero Office of Clinical Quality and Patient Safety. Managers review positive comments and constructive complaints to improve our processes. “We’re not perfect, but surveys help us see our organization from our patients’ point of view,” said Chris Cassisi, director of the UF Health Patient Experience department within the Sebastian Ferrero Office of Clinical Quality and Patient Safety. Here are a few of our recent patient comments:

“She (the day shift nurse) took the time to explain everything being done to and for me. She was caring, listened to me and was quite sensitive to my needs. Since it was life-threatening conditions (that) led to my emergency room admission, I was scared and wanted to know what was involved in my treatment. She was an angel.”

“I was in the presence of the most professional, caring and courteous group of health care people I have ever seen.”

“The majority of all staff members were very pleasant and normal people. They did not talk down to you, and actually made you feel as though you were an equal, although you were discussing things that they had a lot more education and understanding of.”