Fall 2018

A brief history of medication safety at UF Health

  • Select Specialty Hospital – Gainesville now operating on fifth floor of UF Health Shands Hospital
  • 2018 Patient Safety and Quality Week
  • Patients Benefit from Lung Program Advancements
  • A Brief History of Medication Safety at UF Health
  • The Personal Side of Pain Management
  • A Good Lead on Quality
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Spring 2018

High-tech hospitals - New ORs support medical teams and patients

  • Successful Patient Transfer Day
  • From our patients
  • Quality notes
  • CUSP partners are transforming process improvement across UF Health
  • In the Q
  • Medication safety – the opioid opportunity
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Fall 2017

Taking a fresh look at quality and safety

  • From our patients
  • Great Catch
  • Aiming for excellence
  • Poster winners impress with collaborative projects
  • Efficiency, Effectiveness and Patient-Centeredness team spotlight
  • Taking a fresh look at quality and safety
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Spring 2017

Patients in parallel worlds

  • From our patients
  • Great Catch — Sepsis Shutdown
  • Aiming for excellence
  • Imaging
  • Patients in parallel words
  • Clearing the clutter
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Winter 2016

UF Health staff huddles improve communication, address safety issues and ensure the flow of information throughout the system.

  • When the puzzle pieces all fit
  • From our patients
  • EEPC team spotlight
  • With your help, we’ll reach our goals
  • Best practices ensure safe care
  • Changing the culture
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Fall 2016

A coalition of leaders and staff are working to address quality and patient experience measures amid increasing numbers.

  • Nurses catch laser device’s problem
  • From our patients
  • ‘K cards’ put focus on safety
  • Quality Leaders: The infection control team
  • Let’s not get lost in translation
  • A voice for our patients
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Summer 2016

In this edition of the Q Report, we explore how UF Health researchers and clinical care team are battling sepsis…

  • The right dose
  • ‘Just Culture’ in the workplace
  • Welcoming new UF College of Medicine housestaff
  • It’s always too soon, until it’s too late
  • Making a difference
  • Banishing the superbugs
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Spring 2016

Patient feedback improves and advances care at UF Health.

  • In the Q: Randy Harmatz
  • From our patients
  • UF Health construction updates
  • Thanks for helping us fend off flu season
  • Quality Leaders: Angela Miney
  • Found in translation
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Winter 2015

Interprofessional team training is a crucial part of UF Health's health education program

  • Quality Leaders: F. Kayser Enneking
  • Building better teams
  • Top five medication safety tips
  • Supporting safer care
  • Fight the flu
  • Bridging the language divide
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Fall 2015

Physician directors of quality at UF Health Shands Hospital are working more closely together to better help UF Health achieve…

  • Team Quality
  • Quality Leaders: Dawn DiSalvo
  • Building a just culture
  • Physician directors of quality
  • Supporting EPIC
  • Improving communication
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