In the Q: Randy Harmatz fall 2015

Quality and patient safety are still Job 1

In May, David S. Guzick, M.D., Ph.D., senior vice president for health affairs at UF and president of UF Health, announced the rollout of the new UF Health strategic plan, “The Power of Together.” 

The announcement was the culmination of months of work by many to develop a plan that will move UF Health to the next level. In the previous plan, quality was Job 1, and it still holds that important top position in the new plan. 

We are excited and proud of all the quality and patient safety improvements that have occurred over the past few years, many of which have been highlighted in The Q Report and on the Bridge. But we are even more excited about what is possible as we all continue to work together to deliver exceptional service, value and quality to every patient at every encounter.

How will we achieve this big, audacious goal? By harnessing the Power of Together and continuing to focus on our Big Aims of reducing harm, reducing variation, transforming ourselves into a team-based and accountable culture, increasing value and enhancing patient satisfaction. 

I welcome your input as we build our new plan together, so please email your valuable insights to me at